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  • Steel WorkshopThe steel workshop refers to worshop of which the main load-bearing components are made of steel material. Those components are column, beam, framework and roof cladding. The main structure of our workshop is made by welded H shaped steel.
    The purlin is made by thin-walled C shaped steel with excellent stiffness and cross section.
  • Warehouse BuildingThis warehouse covers an area of 10,120 square meters, with a size of 50mx200m x18m, single span of 50m, crane of 400t.
    The main load-bearing components of the warehouse building are made of steel. Its main structure is made of welded H shaped steel, and purlin is made of C shaped steel ...
  • Heavy Steel Framed BuildingWith the increasing development of industry, steel structrue has been widely applied in all kinds of building construction. Thanks to mass manufacture, it has its price greatly lowered. In addition, the fast installation and weather resistance allow a great reduction on construction cost and time. As a professional manufacturer of steel structure building in China, we provide products for various application and have won wide appreciation.
  • HangarHangar is a single-floor steel structure building with wide span to hold aircraft in repairment. As the steel structure is characterized by high strength, lightweight, small section, soderability and fast construction, it is widely used as the load-bearing components of roof panel for the wide-span steel structure. Therefore, our pruducts have found extensive application and won users' appreciation.
  • Poultry HouseDesigned and manufactured by our company, the steel-structured poultry house has found wide application in chicken shed, pig shed, and many other bulidings. Compared with traditional poultry house, the steel-structured house has a significant economic and farming effect and has won many favorable comments from our customers. Generally speaking, it only takes 7-10 days to set up a steel-structured house ...
  • Steel BridgeThe steel bridge refers to bridges constructed using steel as the main building material. Compared with the concrete beam bridge, a steel bridge usually features lower beam height and lighter weight. Thanks to the physical properties of steel such as isotropy, homogeneity, large elastic modulus, the practical construction work is able to be in line with theoretical calculation which demonstrates higher liability.
  • Steel Framed Building with Truss StructureThe roofing board and steel structural frame are produced by our company. The roofing boards are made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy or color steel plates. The columns are made of truss column or pipe truss. Featuring beauty and high-efficiency, the main component, i.e. the steel pipe, is processed by intersecting line cutting machine and manual welding machine, and then ...
  • Steel Framed Building with Grid Structure The steel structure rack, with a height of 2 meters, takes up 3,000 square meters. Equipped with an extra second floor, it uses 150t steel and costs 975,000 RMB. The building presents both practical utilization and aesthetical entertainment. It features flexible composition and easy installation. Doors and windows can be installed at any positions while separate walls can be built at any transverse axis ...
  • Prefab HouseThe ground channel of our prefab house is made of C section steel, of which the dimension is 80mm×40mm×15mm×2mm.
    The column is made of welded double C section steel. The dimension of the double C section steel is 80mm×40mm×15mm×2mm and the bracing between the columns is round steel bolt φ8.
  • Modular Prefabricated HouseThe appearance of our modular prefabricated house is very beautiful. The outside color can be altered according to customer's own choice. The doors, windows can be flexibly installed and the partitions can be combined freely.
    Our modular prefabricated house is safe and stable. It can stand 8 magnitude earthquakes. It's anti-rust and its service life in general will last more than 15 years.
  • Project AccommodationThe floor for the second storey of the project accommodation is 16mm made of thick plywood. Its beam is made of welded steel frame with double C section steel and angle steel. The dimension for the former is 80 mm×40 mm×15mm×2mm and the latter is 40mm×4 mm. The sub-beam for the second floor is made of double C section steel with the same dimension as above.
  • Modified Shipping Container House The modified shipping container house is a simple house constructed by modifying the shipping container. Compared to the common house, it is very suitable to be used as the temporary dormitory in engineering due to its features of portability and low price. With sufficient water, power supply and separate washroom, it is convenient in use. The house is designed with firm structure, strong safety and good insulation of heat and sound.
  • Welding Container HouseThe welding container house is a simple house suitable for temporary living. It can be transported and located according to the users' needs. Constructed by welding various steel plane and steel tube, the whole structure is stable and won't collapse even in bad weather. The stainless-steel doors and PVC windows are anti-theft and convenient. The ceiling light and other lighting device are equipped. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator...
  • Flat Packing Container HouseThe flat packing container house is abundant in patterns. It can be used as temporary accommodation and moving service provider, such as cafe. The flat, smooth walls and aluminium-alloy windows ensure a beautiful appearance. The steel doors are designed to be anti-theft to keep the property safe. The water pipes are made of durable PVC material. The power supply and circuit breaker ensure the air-conditioner, water heater and other ...
  • Various Section SteelOur section steel consists of 3 different types including C-purlin, H-beam, Z-shaped steel. It is scientifically structured to reduce the weight on the basis of promising the strength. This advantage helps reduce the material consumption and the cost, as well as keep the installation and transportation more convenient. The steel is widely used in building construction and mechanical device due to its long-lasting strength and beautiful appearance.
  • Sandwich PanelEPS sandwich panel adopts the colored steel plate as surface board, and the self-extinguishing closed-cell polystyrene foam as core material. Produced in the automatic continuous molding machine by combining the pressed colored steel with high strength adhesives, it is a kind of high-strength composite building material. Featured with heat and sound insulation, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-bending, fast construction, durability ...
  • Metal Processing ProductThe metal processing product includes various special-shaped parts, steel structure, stainless steel, etc. We have 7-year experience in producing the forklift accessories for Nissan Company.

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Company is an experienced steel structure manufacturer in China. We design and manufacture a wide variety of high quality steel structure buildings, such as steel factory building, steel warehouse building, power plant steel structure and more, ideal for a wide variety of uses. Our steel structure building is very light. It has high intensity, large span and strong fire and corrosion resistance. The construction of the steel structure building is simple. So the construction period is short and the investment cost is decreased correspondingly. The steel structure building can be easily moved and recycled. Thusly the steel structure building can be widely used as factory building, warehouse building, office building, villa, and more.

The design team at Xinguangzheng is comprised of ten professional design engineers with master's or bachelor degrees, in addition to twenty detail designers. Using software such as PKPM, 3D3S, and X-Steel, they are able to ensure the quality of the designs of our industrial steel building, residential steel building, and commercial steel building. Highly precise equipment including gantry planers, automatic submerged arc welding equipment, assembling machines, slitting machines, and shot blasting machines are used to manufacture our quality steel factory building, sports stadium steel building, and heavy steel workshop, so that they meet industry standards and the expectations of our clients.

Our highly efficient production lines enable us to achieve an annual production of 20,000 tons of H section steel, 15,000 tons of C shaped steel, 3,000 tons of Z shaped steel and 3 million square meters of profiled steel plates. In addition, our annual installation capacity is 460,000 square meters. Thus, at Xinguangzheng we can easily accommodate both large and small orders, as we also require no minimum amount per order.

Customers are our priority at Xinguangzheng, so we spare no effort to ensure that each customer is satisfied. We provide high quality products backed by attentive service, and our steel buildings come with a five-year warranty, during which any repairs or maintenance services are available. In addition, our steel warehouse building, power plant steel structure, container house and other products can be customized according to the specific needs of each individual client. We can also offer OEM service upon request.