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  • Steel Workshop for Shanhai TechnologyThe steel workshop for Shanhai Technology has portal frame light steel structure as its main structure. It is composed of circular steel, small angle steel, thin-walled steel and thin steel panel. Its light weight allows the emission of piling, thus greatly saving the construction time. The internal and exterior roof panels and wall panels are made of color corrugated steel sheet and feature high tensile strength and durability ...
  • Steel Workshop for D&D Spanning 48 meters, the steel workshop takes up 13,203.2 square meters. Designed with a partial second floor, it has its eave of 8.5 meters high with a drainage slope of 5%. The roof panel is made of color steel aluminium foil insulation board, characterized by high intensity, strong stiffness and steady insulation. In addition, the roof panel offers superior weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.