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EPS sandwich panel adopts the colored steel plate as surface board, and the self-extinguishing closed-cell polystyrene foam as core material. Produced in the automatic continuous molding machine by combining the pressed colored steel with high strength adhesives, it is a kind of high-strength composite building material. Featured with heat and sound insulation, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-bending, fast construction, durability, and beautiful appearance, etc, the sandwich panel is widely used in ware houses, factories, exhibition halls, prefabricated houses, container houses and other industrial and civil buildings. In addition, the fire grade is B-class.

1. Density: 8-24 kg/m3
2. Thermal conductivity: k=0.025W/mK
3. Compressive strength: 2.0 kg/cm2
4. Dimensional stability under low temperature linear change rate at -25°C in 24hr: 1.0%
5. Water absorption in 24hr: 30%
6. Fire retardance (Oxygen index) 26: B2 Grade
7. Insulated material: Polyurethane (PU) with a density of 10-30 kg/m3
8. Style: H-style board or match board

Features and materials
1. Both the top and bottom are made of 0.3-0.6mm steel plate which is pained and galvanized
2. The effective width of match board is 950mm, 960mm or 1150mm. The effective width of H-style board is 1000mm or 1200mm.
3. The thickness of match board is 30-200mm. The thickness of H-style board is 25-100mm.
4. The length of the plate is designed according to the requirement and shipping terms
5. The Colours are optional according to the requirements. The regular colours are white grey and navy blue.

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