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  • Modified Shipping Container House The modified shipping container house is a simple house constructed by modifying the shipping container. Compared to the common house, it is very suitable to be used as the temporary dormitory in engineering due to its features of portability and low price. With sufficient water, power supply and separate washroom, it is convenient in use. The house is designed with firm structure, strong safety and good insulation of heat and sound.
  • Welding Container HouseThe welding container house is a simple house suitable for temporary living. It can be transported and located according to the users' needs. Constructed by welding various steel plane and steel tube, the whole structure is stable and won't collapse even in bad weather. The stainless-steel doors and PVC windows are anti-theft and convenient. The ceiling light and other lighting device are equipped. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator...
  • Flat Packing Container HouseThe flat packing container house is abundant in patterns. It can be used as temporary accommodation and moving service provider, such as cafe. The flat, smooth walls and aluminium-alloy windows ensure a beautiful appearance. The steel doors are designed to be anti-theft to keep the property safe. The water pipes are made of durable PVC material. The power supply and circuit breaker ensure the air-conditioner, water heater and other ...

Our container house is constructed on the basis of container. Compared to the common house, it features lower cost and higher efficiency in installation. Users can freely disassemble the house and construct in other place. Well designed with beautiful appearance, it is particularly suitable to be used as the dormitory of construction worker without feeling of living in a box. Furnished similarly to the common inn, it provides sufficient power and water supply. With television, air conditioner and other household electrical appliances optional, the house is more convenient to live in.

The firm and durable wall keeps the container house safe even in the terrible weather and insulating from the heat and sound. The doors and windows are designed with prevention of burglary to keep the property safe. Container house with lot of sizes and patterns is available to meet the customers' needs.

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