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  • Exported-to-Japan Container House The exported-to-Japan container house are available with 2 models including 14400mm×3000mm×2700mm and 14400mm×3300mm×2700mm to meet the requirement of different resident numbers. It is constructed by welding steel tubes and steel planes to ensure the stable structure. With EPS heat insulation layer, the wall keeps the room warm enough in winter. The security door effectively...
  • Container House for Use in Oil Field Industry The steel structure is well designed. The floor is constructed with square and rectangular steel pipe. The roof is constructed with square steel pipe and C channel steel. The wall and pillar is constructed with square tube.
    The roofing is made of 1.6mm corrugated steel plate and the ceiling is made of MDF panel.
    The inside wall is made of MDF panel, while the outside wall is made of corrugated steel sheet.

The welding container house is a simple house suitable for temporary living. It can be transported and located according to the users' needs. Constructed by welding various steel plane and steel tube, the whole structure is stable and won't collapse even in bad weather. The stainless-steel doors and PVC windows are anti-theft and convenient. The ceiling light and other lighting device are equipped. TV, air conditioner, refrigerator and other electric appliance can also be installed, so that the users feel like living in the common house. Various sizes and designs are available to meet the requirement of less land occupation and more resident.

1. The welding container house achieves heat insulation by using EPS or Fibre glass wool. It is AS/NZS standard compliant.
2. The ceiling line and skirting are made of PVC.
3. 1.5mm or 8mm composite wooden floor tiles with vynil cover are used.
4. The house comes with PVC or aluminium alloy sliding window or roller shutter window.
5. It is constructed with steel security door or sandwich panel door and sliding door inside the house.
6. The electrical system is compliant with AS/NZS standard, BS standard, VDE standard, UL standard, GB standard etc.
7. The water pipe is made of PPR, PEX-b, PAP, etc and the sewage pipe is made of PVC, etc.
8. The facilities in the house includes shower cubicle, toilet, urinal, hand basin, mirror, water heater, air conditioner, kitchen cabinet, table, chair, wardrobe, TV, refrigerator, bed, mattress, smoke detector etc.

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  • Flat Packing Container House Used as Coffee Bar The cafe container house is designed by imitating the normal cafe. With the dimension of 11500mm×2300mm×2500mm, it is medium and small-scale. Decorated similarly to the normal cafe, it has nice appearance. The most competitive advantage is that it can be freely moved to the place with more consumers. The main frame of the house is made of 4mm-thick steel sheet.
  • Flat Packing Container House The flat packing container house exported to Australia has a dimension of 11500mm×2300mm×2500mm. With a beautiful white wall, it is clean and simple. The aluminium alloy sliding door makes the users convenient to get in and out. The anti-theft screen is optional to keep the users' property safe. The house is constructed with safe power and water supply for the electric appliance and water consumption.