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The steel bridge refers to bridges constructed using steel as the main building material. Compared with the concrete beam bridge, a steel bridge usually features lower beam height and lighter weight. Thanks to the physical properties of steel such as isotropy, homogeneity, large elastic modulus, the practical construction work is able to be in line with theoretical calculation which demonstrates higher liability. The steel bridege designed and manufactured by our company has received many favorable comments from customers thanks to the high-strength, good rigidity and stability of our bridgework. Steel panels, hot-rolled steel, and stainless steel have been utilized and hot-dip galvanized in accordance with international standard to help maintain a relatively longer service life of the bridge.

Main Technical Specifications
1. Size of the Steel Bridge
Span length of arched structure in the main bridge: 68M
The widest point of main steel bridge is 42.9M, vehicular road being 14M, each side of arched rib of Lane separator being 1.8M, each side of sidewalk and sightseeing platform being 9.775M.
Total weight is 1300MT.
2. Main Designed Load
A. Vehicle designed speed is 30km/h.
B. Designed load is
a. Truck loading is HIGHWAY Grade I.
b. Pedestrian load is 3.5Kn/m2
C.Pavement designed load: standard axle load BZZ-100KN.
3. Deck Profile Grade is 3.0%; the Bridge is Put on R=1500M Vertical Curve.
4. Deck Transverse Slope
Driveway I =1.5%, Sideway i=2.0%
5. Clearance under Bridge
Meet the requirement of more than 2.5 Meters' clearance height.
6. Limit for Clearance Height in Road Construction.
Driveway≥ 4.5M;
Sideway ≥2.5M
7. Earthquake Intensity
Fortification intensity is 6, designed basic earthquake G value is 0.05g.
8. Designed Security Level: Level one ( vital steel bridge)

a. The steel itself is lightweight.
b. The bridge is easy to install, taking full advantange of building space.
c. Prefabricated and customized design are both available.
d. It features good resistance to earthquake and high liability.
e. Its adaptable layouts and graceful exterior are characteristic of the new and modern steel bridge.
f. The construction period is surprisingly short. The bridge is also environment-friendly.
g. Q235, Q345 and many other steel materials are utilized to build the bridge.
h. Both shop drawing and erection drawing are carried out using specially designed drawing software.
I. Our building company is ISO:9001:2008 qualified.

Prices of our steel bridge is negotiable through quotation and discussion. We also provide one-stop service from the bridge design and manufacture through building material transportation and installation to technical guidance and after-sale service.

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