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  • Poultry House Case: Angolan Chicken Shed The Angolan chicken shed has adopted the efficient lightweight steel structure. Our poultry house boasts many advantages such as lightweight, convenient installation and low construction cost. It is also very flexible, allowing for repeated installations without damaging the structure of the sheds. Its roof is made of corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel featuring good insulation performance.
  • Poultry House Case: Austrilian Chicken Shed The Austrilian chicken shed is neatly built and shows a good resistance to rust and acid. Our poultry house also possesses high insulating property. Its steel structure features easy installation, low cost, high efficiency and great flexibility providing protection from fire, wind and lightning stirke. The poultry house can also be customized to fit individual requirements.
  • Poultry House Case: Pig Shed Our pig shed is located in Guangxi Province, China. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters. Its flexible layout can be freely adapted on request. Its graceful exterior is also characteristic of such modernized house. Thanks to its reasonable steel structure, our poultry house is lightweight and cost-effective featuring easy and economical construction.

Designed and manufactured by our company, the steel-structured poultry house has found wide application in chicken shed, pig shed, and many other bulidings. Compared with traditional poultry house, the steel-structured house has a significant economic and farming effect and has won many favorable comments from our customers. Generally speaking, it only takes 7-10 days to set up a steel-structured house while the construction of an ordinary brick-structured house needs longer time and more money. Thus choosing our steel-structured poultry house means shortening construction period and saving money. Its large-span steel structure has extended the space of the house. The extended room allows better air control and ventilation. Thus it can create a healthy and comfortable environment for the growth of the poultry. In addition, insulating wall panels and roof panels are adopted featuring good thermal-protective performance. Together with the air blower and drencher curtain, they can form a fully enclosed farming environment and are able to maintain a moderate temperature level ranging from 22℃ to 28℃. The relatively moderate temperature can significantly reduced poultry's feed intake and lower the incidence of respiratory disease in freezing winter as well as avoid slow growth of poultry caused by intense heat in summer.

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