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The Angolan chicken shed has adopted the efficient lightweight steel structure. Our poultry house boasts many advantages such as lightweight, convenient installation and low construction cost. It is also very flexible, allowing for repeated installations without damaging the structure of the sheds. Its roof is made of corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panel featuring good insulation performance. The wall is built with steel mesh or sandwich panel which has been attached to a water screen system. Both the wall and the roof have contributed to ensure an admirable insulation performance and the house's good resistance to wind, impact and climate change. An automatic curtain machine is aslo applied to the poultry house. The machine is able to automatically open and close the curtain according to the light intensity. In addition to the external damper fan for ventilation, the chicken shed is also installed with tunnel ventilation system and heating system in an attempt to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for the poultry.

Detailed Descriptions
1. Column: galvanized Q235, Q345 H section steel or square tube
2. Beam: galvanized Q235, Q345 H section steel or square tube
3. Purlin: Galvanized Q235 C channel
4. Vertical and Transversal Support: Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe.
5. Tie Bar: Q235 steel pipe
6. Brace: Q235 round bar
7. Sleeve: Q235 steel pipe
8. Nipple Drinking System

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