• Steel Structure Hangar in Australia The steel structure building takes up 39×32 square meters, with a partial second floor. The eave is 7.5meter high and span is 32 meters wide, with the drainage slope of 5%. The wall panel is made of color steel panel and glass wool sandwich panel with a thickness of 100m. This panel has a volume weight of 64kg/m3, conductivity factor being less than 0.045w/mk, average fibre diameter equal to or beyond 5um.

Hangar is a single-floor steel structure building with wide span to hold aircraft in repairment. As the steel structure is characterized by high strength, lightweight, small section, soderability and fast construction, it is widely used as the load-bearing components of roof panel for the wide-span steel structure. Therefore, our pruducts have found extensive application and won users' appreciation.

1. The main structure of the building adopts welded H shaped steel which offers low stress and superior mechanical performance due to its special cross section design.
2. The purlin is made of cold rolled C shaped steel while the tie rod is made of circular steel tube. The wire and supports are also made of cirular steel while knee brace is made of hot rolled angle steel. All these designs help the hangar keep steady and reliable.
3. The roof panel utilizes color steel alumnium foil insulation board, with excellent thermal insulation and wind resistance.
4. Composed of roof gutter made of color steel sheet and PVC downpipe, the artistic drainage system features good performance in sealing and draining as well as sound resistance to weather and corrosion.
5. Easy for installation, the sandwich door and the PVC single glass window are economical and durable.

Our company is ISO9001 :2008 qualified. The hangar produced by our company features structural durabilities, easy moving and maintenance, fast construction, low cost, recyclability and environment protection. Due to its flexible structure, the hanger can also be adapted to be used as factories, warehouses, office buildings, etc.

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