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  • Heavy Steel Framed Nuclear Power Station The heavy steel framed nuclear power station features high strength, good impact resistance and fast construction, thus greatly appreciated by users. The improvement of its corrosion resistance allows our steel structure building to be used in humid coastal areas. The unique feature of nodal mechanics makes it possess good impact resistance. In addition, owing to the spacious interior room ...
  • Heavy Steel Framed WorkshopThe wall panel and roofing board are both made of profiled steel sheet. The steel beams and columns are made of H or C shaped steel with the material of 345B. They are cut, assembled, welded, shot blasted and painted in the factory and installed on site. The heavy steel framed workshop features high height and long span, and it is suitable for some large-scale industrial projects, such as shipyard, nuclear plant and power station.

With the increasing development of industry, steel structrue has been widely applied in all kinds of building construction. Thanks to mass manufacture, it has its price greatly lowered. In addition, the fast installation and weather resistance allow a great reduction on construction cost and time. As a professional manufacturer of steel structure building in China, we provide products for various application and have won wide appreciation.

With the color coated steel sheet as its main structure and various colors and shapes for the exterior and interior roof panel and wall panel, our steel structure building displays an attractive appearance. It features light weight, easy installation, heat and sound insulation, water and fire proof, impact resistance, fast construction, low cost, recyclability and environment-protection. In addition, various designs are available as per the request of clients.

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  • HangarHangar is a single-floor steel structure building with wide span to hold aircraft in repairment. As the steel structure is characterized by high strength, lightweight, small section, soderability and fast construction, it is widely used as the load-bearing components of roof panel for the wide-span steel structure. Therefore, our pruducts have found extensive application and won users' appreciation.
  • Poultry HouseDesigned and manufactured by our company, the steel-structured poultry house has found wide application in chicken shed, pig shed, and many other bulidings. Compared with traditional poultry house, the steel-structured house has a significant economic and farming effect and has won many favorable comments from our customers. Generally speaking, it only takes 7-10 days to set up a steel-structured house ...