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1. This warehouse covers an area of 10,120 square meters, with a size of 50mx200m x18m, single span of 50m, crane of 400t.
2. The main load-bearing components of the warehouse building are made of steel. Its main structure is made of welded H shaped steel, and purlin is made of C shaped steel, and roof panel is made of color steel aluminium foil insulation board.
3. The tie rod is made of circular steel tube, with supports made of circular steel and knee brace of hot-rolled angle steel.
4. The roof gutter is made of color coated steel sheet
5. The steel structure warehouse comes with its wall below 1.2m high built using brickes, and the wall above 1.2m built using corrugated steel sheet.
6. The steel warehouse building features lightweight, high strength, wide span, easy construction and corrosion resistance, rendering itself highly secure and reliable at low cost.
7. Its steel structure materials can be recycled, and other accessories also. This makes the building envirenmental friendly.

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