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  • Steel Workshop for Shanhai TechnologyThe steel workshop for Shanhai Technology has portal frame light steel structure as its main structure. It is composed of circular steel, small angle steel, thin-walled steel and thin steel panel. Its light weight allows the emission of piling, thus greatly saving the construction time. The internal and exterior roof panels and wall panels are made of color corrugated steel sheet and feature high tensile strength ...
  • Steel Workshop used as Auto Parts Plant This steel workshop is used in manufacturing auto parts. The steel workshop takes up 8,000 square meters with a size of 127.5m×60m. It has an eave of 9.8meters high, a span of 48 meters and a drainage slope of 5%. The auto parts plant has the wall panel under 1.2 meters made of brick MU10 and motar M5, thus achieving a steady and reliable performance with thermal insulation.
  • Steel Workshop for D&D Spanning 48 meters, the steel workshop takes up 13,203.2 square meters. Designed with a partial second floor, it has its eave of 8.5 meters high with a drainage slope of 5%. The roof panel is made of color steel aluminium foil insulation board, characterized by high intensity, strong stiffness and steady insulation. In addition, the roof panel offers superior weather resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
  • Steel Workshop for KQLThe steel workshop has the wall panel under 1.2 meters built using brick MU10, thus achieving a steady and reliable performance with strong wind resistance. The upper part is made of color steel alumnium foil insulation board, highlighting insulation and fire and corrosion resistance. As the aluminium foil insulation panel is lightweight, it makes the construction more convenient.
  • Steel Workshop for Huimen Dongxi (Qingdao) Piston Company Covering a construction area of 5,000 square meters, the steel workshop has a length of 100 meters and a width of 50 meters. The eave height is 7.5 meters and the column space is 50 meters. Adopting the popular design of workshop, it has the main structure made of Q345B welded H shaped steel. With sound comprehensive performance, low temperature resistance and cold punching technology ...
  • Food Processing Steel Workshop for Shanfu Rishui This workshop, covering a construction area of 16,500 square meters, is used for food processing. Therefore, it has high requirement to construction materials and workmanship. It is a fully closed workshop, with all the corners and edges sealed by stainless steel. High standard and requirement is set to make sure the steel workshop clean, resistant to corrosion and pollution-free.
  • Steel Workshop for Tianxiang FoodThis workshop has its main part of 3 floors and another part of 5 floors, with all internal design built as per customer's request. Made of blue glass wool sandwich panel, the roof panel presents both pleasant appearance with rich colors and good performance in load-bearing, thermal insulation and fire resistance. The wall panel is built using brick MU10 and motar M5 under 1.2 meters and white glass wool sandwich panel above1.2 meters.
  • Steel Workshop for Zhenghe IndustryThe workshop covers an area of 16000㎡, with a single span of 48m and extra spans. It has an eave of 12m high and 10 sets of 5t cranes. Its roof panel is made of color steel aluminium foil insulation board. The board adopts color steel on one side and aluminium foil on the other, with the core sandwich panel of polystyrene. Combining the advantages of both traditional material and modern technology ...
  • Steel Structure Building for Laizhou Fangtai The main structure of this building is made of welded H section steel Q345. For preservative treatment, the building adopts two layer primer and two layer light gray paint with a thickness of 120um.
    The secondary structure is made of steel Q235 with its preservative treatment of two layer primer and two layer light gray epoxy paint. It consists of purlin, steel brace, tie bar, knee brace, support for steel beam and column, etc.

1. The steel workshop refers to worshop of which the main load-bearing components are made of steel material. Those components are column, beam, framework and roof cladding. The main structure of our workshop is made by welded H shaped steel.
2. The purlin is made by thin-walled C shaped steel with excellent stiffness and cross section.
3. The tie rod is made of circular steel tube. The wire and supports are also made of cirular steel while knee brace is made of hot-rolled angle steel. All of them help maintain the steadiness and reliability of the workshop.
4. The roof gutter is made of colorful steel sheet with graceful shape and sound perfomance in waterproof and corrosion resistance.
5. The PVC downpipe is characterised by good resistance to impact, rust, corrosion and ageing. It ensures the smooth operation of the draining system.
6. Sandwich panel is used for door to make it beautiful and easy for use and installation.
7. Compared with window of aluminium alloy, our PVC window has better performance in insulation and soundproof.

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  • Warehouse BuildingThis warehouse covers an area of 10,120 square meters, with a size of 50mx200m x18m, single span of 50m, crane of 400t.
    The main load-bearing components of the warehouse building are made of steel. Its main structure is made of welded H shaped steel, and purlin is made of C shaped steel ...
  • Heavy Steel Framed BuildingWith the increasing development of industry, steel structrue has been widely applied in all kinds of building construction. Thanks to mass manufacture, it has its price greatly lowered. In addition, the fast installation and weather resistance allow a great reduction on construction cost and time. As a professional manufacturer of steel structure building in China, we provide products for various application and have won wide appreciation.