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  • Prefab HouseThe ground channel of our prefab house is made of C section steel, of which the dimension is 80mm×40mm×15mm×2mm.
    The column is made of welded double C section steel. The dimension of the double C section steel is 80mm×40mm×15mm×2mm and the bracing between the columns is round steel bolt φ8.
  • Modular Prefabricated HouseThe appearance of our modular prefabricated house is very beautiful. The outside color can be altered according to customer's own choice. The doors, windows can be flexibly installed and the partitions can be combined freely.
    Our modular prefabricated house is safe and stable. It can stand 8 magnitude earthquakes. It's anti-rust and its service life in general will last more than 15 years.
  • Project AccommodationThe floor for the second storey of the project accommodation is 16mm made of thick plywood. Its beam is made of welded steel frame with double C section steel and angle steel. The dimension for the former is 80 mm×40 mm×15mm×2mm and the latter is 40mm×4 mm. The sub-beam for the second floor is made of double C section steel with the same dimension as above.

Our company is a professional prefabricated house manufacturer in China. We provide a vast array of products, including prefab house, modular prefabricated house, modular container house, steel factory building, and others.

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Other products
  • Heavy Steel Framed WorkshopThe wall panel and roofing board are both made of profiled steel sheet. The steel beams and columns are made of H or C shaped steel with the material of 345B. They are cut, assembled, welded, shot blasted and painted in the factory and installed on site. The heavy steel framed workshop features high height and long span, and it is suitable for some large-scale industrial projects, such as shipyard, nuclear plant and power station.
  • Modified Shipping Container House The modified shipping container house is a simple house constructed by modifying the shipping container. Compared to the common house, it is very suitable to be used as the temporary dormitory in engineering due to its features of portability and low price. With sufficient water, power supply and separate washroom, it is convenient in use.