Steel Structure Building Manufacturer in China

Established in 1996, Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Company is an experienced steel structure manufacturer in China. We design and manufacture a wide variety of high quality steel structure buildings, ideal for a wide variety of uses. Our steel factory building, steel warehouse building, power plant steel structure, and related products are light weight, strong, and highly durable. They are also stable and are easily removed and recycled. In our five factories, which cover 133,000 square meters, our skilled staff of over 500 people utilizes precise equipment to produce our chemical plat steel structure, residential steel building, commercial steel building and more, according to applicable international standards. As a result, our steel building, container house, modular prefabricated house, and prefabricated steel villa are in use in many countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, Arabia, Australia, Africa, to name a few.

  • Steel Framed Stadium
  • Steel Framed Stadium The steel framed stadium covers an area of 8000 square meters,with the span of 54m, eave height of 16.6m and beam height of 3m. It comes with three ...
  • Steel Structure Hangar in Australia
  • Steel Structure Hangar in Australia The steel structure building takes up 39×32 square meters, with a partial second floor. The eave is 7.5meter high and span is 32 meters wide ...
  • Warehouse Building
  • Warehouse BuildingThis warehouse covers an area of 10,120 square meters, with a size of 50mx200m x18m, single span of 50m, crane of 400t The main load-bearing components ...
  • Prefab House
  • Prefab HouseThe appearance of our prefab house is very beautiful. The outside color can be altered according to customer's own choice. The doors, windows can be ...

Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Company is a steel building manufacturer in China. We have been designing, fabricating and erecting quality steel structure building, industrial steel building, container house, prefabricated house, and prefabricated steel villa products for over 15 years. In addition to supplying a wide selection of standard steel frame products, we are also able to customize products for specific applications.

We at Xinguangzheng have more than 500 employees and five factories covering 55,000 square meters. With three composite plate production lines, eight color plate production lines, six C shaped steel production lines and a Z shaped steel production line, we now can produce 1.5 million meters of composite plates, 3 million meters of color plates, 15,000 tons of C shaped steel and 3,000 tons of Z shaped steel every year.

Since our foundation, we at Xinguangzheng have given great attention to attracting and retaining talents in the industry. We now have a dedicated team of engineers who continually work to ensure and improve our product quality through technological innovation and strict management. With nearly 30 years of experience, our QC inspectors rigorously check every stage of production to ensure only qualified steel warehouse building, residential steel building, and modular container house reach our customers. In addition, the dedication of our technical engineers has resulted in us obtaining five national patents for our air compressors and one patent for the gun drills used to make our steel buildings and prefabricated houses.

We operate according to the principle that customers come first, and we strive to continuously improve our customers' experience. Our sales staff can speak languages such as English and Russian and is ready to help customers to choose the right steel building according to their needs and budgets. We currently deliver our industrial steel building, residential steel building and commercial steel building to customers throughout America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and more.